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On The Run

Week 5, of “Run Kimbo Run” very nearly completed. I’ve had a couple of hard runs this week, but surpassed myself yesterday after running for 2 minutes longer then I had planned.

This was in part caused by the brain fog I am getting when out running & losing track of time. Way back when I use to just, run. Now its all timed runs, timed breaks, distance, speed, agility. The latter firmly being tested earlier in the week when some eejit, ie myself, suggested it would be fun to run up a massive hill!
It was not fun! It was bloody hard work!

But I persevered, and got my reward at the top, panting and puffing, nearly doubled over, I looked up and was met with a stunning view of Tottenham and a feeling of immense pride.

I’d just run up a hill. And I was still breathing, or just about at any rate!

I took the long walk back down, and wandered why on earth am I doing this. Well initially, it was quite simply, for fun and fitness. Until I decided I needed a goal; Cue one of my oldest friends with perfect timing and a knack for talking me in to all kinds of madness, I’m now all signed up for a 10-mile charity walk in May!
It may not be a marathon, a 10k run or a race, but none the less, its a goal for me to work towards.

And I think that’s the most important thing when you first start running, something to keep you motivated, I also hear walking can improve running, so potentially its win-win.