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Run Kimbo Run!

Run Kimbo Run < Where have I heard that before?

I heard it many moons ago, when I was one of the fastest girls in the borough – Back then I was fit, active, training hard & loving it! Running was life back then – But for some reason, I stopped – And became the party girl a lot of you knew me as and eventually the super chilled out & laid back person I am now.

Anyway, after 15 years, I’ve decided to start running again, and boy, its not as simple or easy as it once was. So I’m going to blog about this, so I can share this experience with others, so I can vent & so I can find the funny side of the hardest of runs!

I’m using a variation of the NHS Couch to 5k (Not much of a challenge I hear you super fit healthy looking bastards say!) but it is a challenge for me and we all need to start somewhere.

I’m now into week 5 – I can actually run for 90 whole seconds without feeling like I am dying, which is amazing as I’m the sort of person that could get out of breath just from thinking about running!

Its also been an eventful few weeks, but I’ve learnt how to handle the 4 P’s (Pavements, Pollution, Pooches and Perverts!) I have even thrown in a few unplanned and off-the-clock runs too and I’m all about the carbs, protein, running shoes and running gear now.

And today I managed to run up, not one but two, steep paths against the wind and now really looking forward to a woodland run next week!

At this rate I’ll be off running marathons in no time! So catch me if you can!

Anyway after my next run, I’ll try to share some tips with you, just in case any of you decide to go mad like I did and make a run for it!